We take the pleasure to introduce ourselves as a small team trying our best to bring information about the medical books that are available online for sale.

The information will give you at a glance of the table of contents, the first pages, author’s background, utility of the book.

Effort will be made to bring information about almost all medical specializations of books available for purchase online.

The information will be useful for doing the price comparison and making an informed decision by saving not only your time but also hard earned money.

We will try to bring in front of you the availability of books from Amazon, Flipkart, Rediff, ABE, Elsevier so on and so forth.

Availability of the books

The books are available on sale at various online sellers like Amazon, Flipkart, Jaypee Brothers, Rediff in India. Outside India they are available at Abebooks, Elselvier, Inbeam, etc. Ebooks and free versions are available for download.

The admin of this website had earlier took up the responsibility of writing and managing a website with information about the medical colleges of India.


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