Who needs a bariatric surgery, why does the patient needs and when does he / she need?

The answers to these questions are best answered by the bariatric surgeons and the books written by these specialists surgeons.

You will be surprised to know that there are many books explaining us about the tips, techniques, procedures and treatment with respect to this type of surgery.

Now the question:

What is Bariatric Surgery?

It’s an operation performed to help individual lose weight. Source

Why is it done?

It is done to alter the digestion process.

In the US Gastric Bypass is the most common bariatric surgery. Source

The answers to the question about Bariatric Surgery can be found answers in the books mentioned below.

Bariatric Surgery Books

Bariatric Surgery Books – Photo Credit

List of Bariatric Surgery Books To

We have listed some books below after talking to different bariatric surgeons. The books talk and discuss the procedures, complications, post-operative precautions and more.

Obesity, Bariatric, and Metabolic Surgery: A Practical Guide;

9 September 2015 by Sanjay Agrawal.

A book thus offering the summary in the field of Obesity and its Surgical Management;

Useful to the Bariatric Multidisciplinary Team comprising of Surgeons, Dieticians, Metabolic Physicians, Anaesthesiologists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Radiologists and Nursing staff.

  • Bariatric Surgery: From Indications to Postoperative Care (Surgery – Procedures, Complications, and Results)
    1 July 2013 | Import
    by Christos R. Iavazzo – The book thus offers surgery details starting from indications to the care to be taken after operation; along with the procedures and complications.
  • The ASMBS Textbook of Bariatric Surgery: Volume 1: Bariatric Surgery
    29 October 2016 | Import
    by Ninh T. Nguyen and Robin P. Blackstone
  • Bariatric Surgery
    22 February 2011
    by Hakim
  • Minimally Invasive Bariatric Surgery
    3 March 2015
    by Stacy Brethauer and Philip R. Schauer
  • Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery
    15 April 2004 | Import
    by William B. Inabnet and Eric J. DeMaria
  • Innovative Technologies and Non-Invasive Procedures in Bariatric Surgery
    19 March 2013 | Import
    by Jérôme Dargent
  • Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of the Abdomen
    4 November 2015 | Import
    by Alberto Di Giuseppe and Melvin A. Shiffman
  • Management for Failed Bariatric Procedures: Surgical Strategies (Surgery – Procedures, Complications, and Results)
    1 December 2015 | Import
    by Jacques Himpens and Ramon Vilallonga
  • Pediatric Surgery
    25 January 2012
    by Arnold G. Coran and Anthony Caldamone
  • ERCP
    27 December 2012
    by Todd H. Baron and Richard A. Kozarek
  • Buchwald’s Atlas of Metabolic & Bariatric Surgical Techniques and Procedures: Expert Consult – Online and Print
    22 November 2011
    by Buchwald
  • Clinical Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
    7 September 2011
    by Gregory G. Ginsberg and Michael L. Kochman

Some More books by Bariatric Surgeons

  • Sleisenger and Fordtran’s Gastrointestinal and Liver Disease: Pathophysiology, Diagnosis, Management, Expert Consult Premium Edition – Enhanced Online…
    3 May 2010
    by Mark Feldman and Lawrence S. Friedman.
  • Atlas of Advanced Operative Surgery
    5 November 2012
    by Vijay P. Khatri
  • Principles of Metabolic Surgery
    19 April 2012 | Import
    by Konrad Karcz and Oliver Thomusch
  • Nutrition and Bariatric Surgery
    6 August 2014
    by imusti
  • Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery: Techniques and Tips
    25 October 2010 | Import
    by Namir Katkhouda
  • Obesity and Diabetes: New Surgical and Nonsurgical Approaches
    24 September 2016 | Import
    by Joel Faintuch and Salomão Faintuch
  • Treatment of the Obese Patient
    17 September 2016 | Import
    by Robert F. Kushner and Daniel H. Bessesen
  • Cut Down to Size: Achieving success with weight loss surgery
    8 January 2013 | Import
    by Jenny Radcliffe
  • Sleep Apnea and Snoring: Surgical and Non-Surgical Therapy
    29 October 2008
    by Michael Friedman
  • Morbid Obesity in Adolescents: Conservative Treatment and Surgical Approaches
    23 August 2016 | Import
    by Kurt Widhalm and Gerhard Prager
  • Obesity (Vitamins and Hormones)
    29 January 2013
    by Gerald Litwack
  • Bariatric Endoscopy
    6 February 2013
    by Christopher C. Thompson (Ed.) and Christopher C. Thompson
  • Disabling Obesity: From Determinants to Health Care Models
    20 May 2015 | Import
    by Paolo Capodaglio and Joel Faintuch
  • Obesity Epidemiology, Pathogenesis, and Treatment: A Multidisciplinary Approach
    20 January 2014 | Import
    by Rexford S. Ahima.
  • Video Atlas of Advanced Minimally Invasive Surgery: Expert Consult – Online
    22 October 2012
    by Constantine T. Frantzides and Mark A. Carlson
  • Vitamin D: Two-Volume Set
    12 May 2011
    by David Feldman and J. Wesley Pike

Request let us know about more books on bariatric surgery that needs to be added to the above list of books.